Places You Can sell a Broken TV For Cash Near You 2021 Latest Update

We will show you places near you, where you can sell your broken TV for some extra cash, grab all the details below:

Sell Broken TV

What do you do assuming your flat screen TV is broken? We have compiled a list of places where you can sell your broken TV for some money, and where to recycle it and get paid if you can’t sell it for any reason whatsoever.

Information on Recycling and Selling Broken TVs

During the period where big, boxy televisions or “legacy TVs,” were common. You could quite easily recycle a broken TV in next to no time and get some extra cash. Those TVs are very easy to dismantle. Those valuables in the TV like The gold, copper, and glass tubes found has enormous value those days.

If you still have a legacy TV, you’ll most likely recycle it for cash, because most of the materials stated here no longer hold enough value. The task of recycling a flat-screen TV isn’t easy on the other. Lots of companies that at one time recycled them for free no longer do so. However, some companies might still accept them, but with a charge.

There are several things that makes LCD TVs valuable. They are quite difficult to dismember. Most of them are made with mercury lamps, which can lead to mercury poisoning after some exposure.

Recycled glass, a major element in TV recycling, is also becoming less valuable. Companies like Best Buy, who used to recycle TVs free of charge, now cost $25 to help recycle your TV.


Where to Sell Your Broken TV for Cash

1. eBay

Selling your broken TV on eBay is a very straightforward process. The first step is to create an account on eBay if you don’t have one. Make a listing and provide specific details about your TV (condition, model, etc.). eBay will suggest an auction price for you, based on the similar items for sale that were listed previously.

If for any reason you might think your broken TV won’t sell for much, choose “local pick up only” to avoid spending some of your money on shipping.

2. Craigslist

You can save delivery cost and sell your broken TV locally on Craigslist.

Post your advert  then choose “post to classifieds”  then tick the option “for sale by owner,” and then “electronics – by owner.” , From there you can write some more information about the product, including the maker/model of your TV, the condition, and others.

Thinking about what to value your TV at? You can check prices on eBay to see what TVs in similar conditions are going for.

3. Facebook Marketplace

Buying and selling things on Facebook is too basic, particularly for the individuals who makes use of the application on a regular basis. Simply click “Marketplace”, at the top or sidebar of your newsfeed, after which you select “Selling” and click “Selling Something” close to the base of the page.

From that point, you can provide the product information, for example, value, your area, and the state of your TV. Simply include some photographs of the TV and you’re prepared to post. View your marketplace posting again later by clicking “Selling” in the upper left corner of the Marketplace page.

4. Television Repair Shops

A lot of TV repair shops will give you money for your broken  TV. It might be worth it, overlooking all the trouble to call a Tv repairer nearby and inquire as to whether they buy broken TVs.

You can likewise run a quick Google search of “television fix shops close me” to find a shop close to you.

How to Recycle Your TV for Free

None of the options provided above is working? Try not to keep your TV away right now! Doing so worsens the condition and there are many places willing to recycle your TV for nothing. Some might even pay for you to send the TV to them.

1. IMS Recycling

IMS Recycling was Established in California. It has a lot of branches across the country, including Georgia and New Jersey. Bring your old TV broken or not (or other electronic gadgets) to the site to have it recycled.

You can without much stress discover an IMS recycling drop-off area close to you or contact the reusing service to find out whether they can give transport fare or get to you. For the most part, they can provide you with transportation to existing business clients.

2. Samsung Direct Recycling system

Samsung recently announced a pledge to a greener future that does not end with purchasing their items. Samsung TVs can be recycled in certain areas. Although the Samsung Direct Recycling program is known to be free, nearby charges may apply. Samsung has also put in place a mail-back program for shipping your utilized TV in case you’re far from the recycling area.

3. LG Drop Off Spots

As part of its conservation bids, LG will recycle LG branded gadgets which include LG, Zenith, and Goldstar.

Simply go with your broken LG TV to any of these authorized LG drop-off spots. The company in addition, collaborates with ERI recycler so you can mail in your damaged TV for reusing through the LG Mailback Program.

4. Electronic Manufacturers Recycling Management Company (MRM)

MRM has a collaboration with Panasonic, Toshiba, Funai, Hisense, Sharp, TCL, Hitachi, Sanyo, Polaroid, and many top brands. This partnership allows you to recycle broken TVs at various locations close to you.

They also have a mail-back program in association with UPS, so you can mail in your broken TV off at any UPS drop off area on the off chance that you can’t get to one of their reusing areas.

5. Dell Reconnect

Dell in partnership with Goodwill in Dell Reconnect, which enables you to recycle any brand of electronic gadgets at Goodwill stores. Many types of electronics are accepted, yet TVs are just acknowledged in few stores. Contact a Goodwill store close to you to see whether they could acknowledge your TV.


We hope you now know places or where to recycle your broken television. Other options for recycling TVs is rare and getting some cash for doing so is not very common these days.

You have just read some information on selling/recycling of broken TVs.

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