Goddard School Tuition 2021: Full-Time & Part-Time Tuition for Kids

Goddard School Tuition 2021 for half day, part-time or Full-time studies will be provided in the article. Read more below:

Goddard School Tuition

Goddard School is a private institution for early childhood development that provides childcare and education for infants and children. It also provides a private preparatory program for kids to be able to succeed at grade school.

The Goddard School provides childcare learning facilities for children aged 6 weeks to 6 years old. It uses a learning program called F.L.E.X Program which focuses on the social, emotional, creative, academic, and physical development and skills of the children through play-based learning. 

It is a school that is accountable in all aspects, even and especially security. Before a child can pick up a child, there is a password required and signing in and signing out. Before another person asides a guardian can pick a child, the guardian of that child has to authorize that person, give the person a password and they need 2 forms of identification including a passport ID. If a visitor comes to the school, there is a visitor’s log that they must register in.

Daily, children at Goddard School are allowed to play outside. Although the playgrounds are just an extension of the classroom as the teacher can plan nature walks or picnics for the kids.

Goddard School teachers provide daily activities reports of each child to their parents/guardians, some even provide pictures. The teacher records everything from how long the child napped to how much food the child consumed and this record is submitted daily to the parents/guardians. Yearly meetings are organized to discuss the child’s development and parents can call or visit at any time of the day to check up on their children.

Goddard School gives parents the opportunity to call or visit at any time of the day. When parents come to pick up their kids, a report analyzing the child’s activity for the day report will be given to them.


Goddard School Tuition

The tuition varies based on different factors like location, the school’s program (part-time or full time), and the child’s age.

Full-time tuition for infants is around $1,600-$1,650 per month.

Full-time tuition for toddlers is around $1,500-$1,600 per month.

Full-time tuition for preschool kids and kindergarten aged children is $1,400-$1,500 per month.

The part-time programs are offered through The Goddard School Kids’ Club for before and after school programs. They usually cost around $130 or $200 per week or $520 or $800 per month. But, these rates all depend on the location of the school and the child’s age.

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