Does CVS do Money Orders? See Fees & How to Cash Them 2021 Update

CVS does offer money orders through MoneyGram. Here is more information on purchasing money orders at CVS. You can buy money orders at CVS but you cannot cash money orders at CVS.

CVS Money Order

Does CVS Sell Money Orders?

CVS sells money orders exclusively from MoneyGram. The maximum amount you can buy is $500 with a service fee of $1.25. So, if you want to buy a money order above $500, you will have to buy multiple and pay the service fee for each.

How Can I Buy Money Orders At CVS?

When you get to CVS, walk up to the counter and tell the cashier how many money orders you need. You will need a means of government identification like a driver’s license and cash because no other form of payment aside from cash is accepted for money orders at CVS. And with that, you are good to go.

When Can I Buy Money Orders At CVS?

A lot of CVS locations usually operate 24/7 while some operate from 8 am-9 pm or 9 am-10 pm. At these hours, you can buy a money order from any CVS location.

Can I Cash My Money Order at CVS?

No, you can not cash your money order at CVS. 

Is CVS The Best Place To Get A Money Order?

If you need a place to get a MoneyGram order, then CVS is for you. It has a maximum of $500 for every money order and a $1.25 service fee per money order.

Does CVS Money Order Expire?

Money Orders do not expire but after not using them for some time, usually 1-3 years, they begin to depreciate and lose their original worth.


Sending a Money Transfer at CVS

When making a transfer through MoneyGram at CVS, all you need is your photo ID, the recipient’s full name as listed on their photo ID, and the recipient’s location. CVS does accepts cash for money transfers.

Fees and limits will vary based on your transaction; the system will automatically approve or deny the transfer depending on its destination. Fees will be based on the total amount you are transferring and destination, but you can check for an estimate on the MoneyGram website before visiting CVS for the transfer.

After buying a money transfer, you should receive a reference number, which should be shown to the recipient. (They’ll need it to get the money.) The recipient can go to any MoneyGram agent to cash the funds. You and the recipient can track the funds using a transfer tracker tool at MoneyGram’s website.

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